Front-end Developer

Job description

The Frontend team works specifically with the Rocket.Chat webclient, fixing bugs, making new features, improving code quality and tests. Most new developers work on all aspects of the webclient, but you can work on specialized areas as project architecture, tooling or performance as well.

For this job position we are seeking a professional that meets the following expectations:


  • Implement modern JS tooling to improve development workflow.

  • Measure and optimize the webclient performance.

  • Support in getting info from our users to create a better and developer friendly project.

  • Review code contributed by the community and coworkers

  • Create and maintain documentation for all new features.

  • Triage bugs reported by the community.

  • Make quality and easy to maintain code.

  • Take initiative to improve our workflow and development experience.



  • Know functional programming concepts.

  • Experience with unity testing.

  • Strong written communication skills.

  • Knowledge about software, algorithms and performance.

Technical test

You need to develop our existing Rocket.Chat sidebar (component that manage and list channels) creating a well componentized UI using React, functional programming approach and some data state manager.

We will send to you a zip file containing the sidebar design images and a Sketch file that you need to use to develop the components and a JSON file with channels list data to be displayed on the sidebar.

You can take a look at to better understand all sidebar behavior.

Bonus point

  • Well componentized code using as dumb components (without data management) as possible.

  • Single file components (styling using JS, styled-components).

  • Code that uses functional programming concepts.

  • Tested code.

Storybook for components



  • Food and / or meal vouchers;

  • Health plan 

  • Gympass

  • Stock options


Our culture and working climate:

  • Relaxed, inspiring environment with many opportunities for you to challenge yourself, develop and build a successful journey;

  • Flexible schedule;

  • Feedback culture (1: 1 and development plan);

  • Nescafé coffee machine to replenish energy;

  • Cup equipped with refrigerator, microwave and utensils;

  • English in Company;

  • Recreation area with video game, pool table, foosball and resting space;

  • Celebrations and happy hours;

  • No dress code: Dress the way you feel comfortable;