Federation Team Lead

Job description

Rocket.Chat is looking for a Federation Team Leader with a masters or PhD degree in a cluster computing, networking or distributed systems discipline in computer science or engineering to join us for an exciting opportunity. Working as lead for our federation team – you will help design and test out your hypothesis against a next generation federation mechanism optimized specifically for Rocket.Chat servers – uniting them globally across all geo-political boundaries to dynamically form “One Rocket.Chat”.

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Some of the challenging problems that you will be tasked to solve include:

  • Turning a non-federated system into a federated system
  • Discover other Rocket.Chat servers to federate
  • Consensus among the servers participating in the federation
  • Federated servers will update independently and will have different versions of Rocket.Chat running
  • Authenticate server to server communication
  • Servers that are part of the federation will not be reachable

This work will leverage all existing current research in this domain. You must already be familiar with the work of giants – such as matrix.org – and be ready to break all conventions to improve and innovate upon existing paradigms. 

You will be rewarded with production working experience on this bleeding-edge discipline, in a world-leading open source team environment with a like-minded team. An incredible and unique opportunity in 2018.


  • Graph theory
  • Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • Designing and implementing APIs
  • REST
  • JSON incl. signing
  • Consensus algorithms
  • JavaScript/TypeScript

Would also be nice:

  • Cryptography
  • Previous experience with federated protocols like Matrix.org, XMPP/Jabber, etc