Bot Engineer

Job description

We are seeking an experienced professional to join our team to help us to develop and deploy chatbots. You must have strong NodeJS and JavaScript skills and experience with one or more leading chatbot frameworks (Hubot,, Amazon Lex, Facebook's Bot Engine, etc.) would be ideal.

If you are a passionate problem solver and care about shipping high quality software that delivers great end user experiences, we want you!

Rocket.Chat is more than your average company, we are the leading open source team chat platform. When you choose Rocket.Chat, you become part of a global community comprised of a core team, hundreds of open source developers and testers and millions of users.

Rocket.Chat was created in 2015 and later became a company in 2016. Since the beginning our core values have been intrinsically connected to innovation. We have an open mind and accept mistakes, but we get it done, we finish everything we start by taking responsibility and having freedom to try different things. We are happy and have fun doing what we do. We believe in ethics and transparency and we are good people. We think big and take risks, we do not accept things as they are. Last but not least we are committed to our activities and goals, whenever we do something, we do it well done and with quality.

We are building the future of communication and would love to build it with you. Join the largest and most active open source team chat community today.


  • Develop and refine our existing chatbot integrations, scripts and supporting applications;

  • Work with our partners to build great chatbot integrations;

  • Develop new functionality to specification on required frameworks/platforms;

  • Resolve and iterate against continuous integration and checks;

  • Collaborate with the product team through design, test and build;

  • Provide insights to ideate and iterate on product features;

  • Configure, support and integrate various software systems.


  • You have advanced English;

  • You have sound written communication and documentation skills;

  • You have experience contributing to projects via GitHub;

  • You have 5+ years of experience developing highly available enterprise web applications in NodeJS/JavaScript and services with state of the art technologies, embracing REST and service-oriented architecture;

  • You have a minimum of 2 years of experience building chatbot solutions in high scale production environments, producing seamless and high-quality interactions;

  • You are expert in some of the key AI/Chatbot platforms, such as Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson,, DialogFlow/, etc;

  • You successfully deployed chatbots on other common messaging and chat services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, etc;

  • You have a strong understanding of the NLP space (natural language understanding, sentiment analysis, personality insight and others), and you have leveraged several existing services and libraries (integration, configuration, training, continuous learning);

  • You are well versed to voice based processing (text to speech, speech to text) and you already delivered several voice apps built on top of the Amazon Alexa or Google Home;

  • Ideally, you are familiar with Machine and Deep Learning algorithms and platforms.